Anti-colic swaddle Tulik Sleeping Bunny for Newborns (2,5-6,3 kg)


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Thanks to the modified fabric, the child can move freely in the Tulik swaddle, cuddle up and sleep comfortably, while at the same time avoiding negative effects such as the Moro reflex, uncontrolled movements of the arms or startling while sleeping

Tulik’s ergonomic design effectively helps to alleviate colic by gently massaging the baby’s stomach and recreating sensations of mum’s belly known best to the baby.

This Tulik swaddle is for newborns (2.5-6.3 kg). Perfect wrapping and elasticity offer your baby comfort and security. The fabric ensures ideal thermoregulation and ventilation and is a mixture of breathable 95% cotton and 5% spandex, with a two-way zip.

The zipper has also been provided with additional bottom protection so that your baby’s feet are completely safe. This solution has been registered with the patent office.

Trust our Tulik, the first “Made in Europe” pear-shaped swaddle, that draws from many years of experience of European parents, midwives and paediatricians and envelops the most demanding customers – our babies.


Made from the best fabrics for the highest quality. Our swaddle surpasses the quality of other products and has been modified according to recommendations from experts and parents to meet the needs of European babies.

Swaddled in Tulik, the baby stretches their feet and legs at will and feels safe. When resting, it is back in a natural, comfortable position that it knows so well from the womb.

The Tulik swaddling suit protects your baby’s face from the consequences of uncontrolled movements of their arms and legs. It eliminates the constant waking, the Moro reflex, scratching, overheating and minimizes the suffocation risk that can be caused by blankets.


  • Soft, ecological fabric gently envelops the baby.
  • The child feels safe but not depressed, which makes the transition from the uterine world to ours difficult
  • Easy to use – you just put the child in the swaddle and close it
  • The two-way zipper, no origami necessary!


  • Designed according to the recommendations of paediatricians, Tulik reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Prevents overheating of the baby
  • No loose elements that could cover the baby’s face
  • Protects against self-incurred scratches
  • Reduces the risk of hip dysplasia


  • Reduces the constant waking up due to the startling and Moro reflex.
  • Soothes colicky children
  • Impossible for the baby to unwrap themselves
  • Supports motor development
  • Easy to use, just put the child in the swaddle, zip it and you’re done!

Tulik – the swaddle bag meets European needs. Unique pear shape, with different size ratios compared to other swaddle bags. Tulik will increase your baby’s comfort even further. Most children have a similar weight after birth. It was important for the us that our swaddle bags could do their job for as long as possible. If you choose our brand, you can enjoy your swaddling suit for longer.

Our Tulik has many advantages of the usual swaddle bags, but is characterized by many innovative features that can be important in our geographical latitude. These are among others:

  • Unique pear shape that leaves more freedom for hand movements.
  • Tailored to your baby’s hips
  • The perfect size for newborns
  • Two-way zipper lets you change diapers quickly at night
  • The sewn labels do not irritate the skin (or the baby)
  • Breathable fabric, ideal for European climate, offers comfort both in winter and in summer, with the window open or with the heating switched on.

Tulik strengthens your child’s motor development and lets the child stretch their arms and feet as desired. Our swaddle protects your baby’s face from the effects of uncontrolled movements of his arms and legs (scratching and wake ups). Tulik eliminates constant waking up, the Moro reflex and has an anti-colic effect. Our swaddling suit won’t be too tight for the child.

The body temperature should be regulated with appropriate clothing (diaper – body rompers) underneath. You can check your baby’s body temperature on the neck.

Two-way zipper is safe, easy and does not get stuck. Produced in Europe according to the Oeko-Tex certificate, tested by tens of thousands of parents and children.

Tulik is the best remedy for any colic, insomnia and waking problem.