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We have extensive experience in solving sleep problems in children and know exactly what stress insomnia means for the whole family. We have gathered here a constantly growing database of information about Tulik swaddles, sleep disorders, method of soothing babies: “5 S’s” by doctor Harvey Karp.


We have designed Tulik in order to increase the quality of life for parents and children, as well as for the safety of the little ones. However, to profit from all features of Tulik, the following safety rules should be followed:

  • Always follow our product size guidelines. Do not skip any of the sizes.
  • Tulik should be ordered to match the child’s weight, not age or body length.
  • When your baby starts to roll from back to tummy, it is the time to stop using Tulik. If your baby begins to roll, it means that the little one has outgrown the Tulik swaddle.
  • When putting your toddler to sleep, always position it on the back.
  • You may change the size of the neck opening if needed. Please do the following:
    • Stretch the collar before use,
    • Leave the zipper lowered by about 1.5 centimetres.
  • At room temperature, there is no necessity to dress babies in warm clothes. Usually, one layer of clothing under the Tulik swaddle is sufficient. The baby should not be too hot or cold when you touch it.
  • Do not use Tulik when the baby is too small.
  • Do not let the fabric cover the face or nose of the baby.

What to do when the baby is resisting the swaddle and/or crying?

First of all, it should be noted that crying does not mean that the baby does not like being covered with the swaddle. Notice how ‘busy’ its arms and legs are! Swaddling helps your toddler to gain peace, sense of security and control of the situation faster. The best results are obtained when the baby is swaddled the first day after birth! This will make the transition from the uterine environment to life in our world the least stressful.

Some babies need a full set of experiences to feel like in mother’s womb again. Therefore, after covering the baby with the swaddle, we recommend using the soothing method developed by dr. Harvey Karp, known as “5 S’s” – i.e. using the swaddle, white noise and magic ‘rocking’.

We do not know a baby who will resist in such conditions ????

What is swaddling for?

Swaddling is used for various reasons. The most important is to stop uncontrollable reflexes that result from an immature nervous system. Majority of babies stop having jitters and trembling around six months of age; then they can sleep peacefully with their hands free.

Other reasons for wrapping toddlers are to increase their comfort and calm. After nine months spent in the womb, the outside world is cold and unfriendly, and that is why Tulik – which swaddles effectively and gently presses baby’s arms and legs to the body – lets them return for a moment to the safest place known by them. It not only calms them down, but also helps them to sleep peacefully and long.

And finally, the third reason: it is about the contact between the hands and face. Babies, whose movements are far from coordinated, chaotically wave their hands, trying to put them in their mouths – especially when they cry or are tired. This has two consequences. Firstly, it is a great chance to scratch the face; secondly, it may be the cause of constant waking up and looking for mother’s breasts after every touch on the cheek. It is both exhausting and frustrating for the little one. Tulik eliminates these problems more effectively than any other solution.

Is it possible to breastfeed a baby swaddled in Tulik?

Of course, especially that Tulik prevents baby’s hands from excessive movements, making the whole process easier. The baby swaddled with Tulik will not grab your hair or pull the necklace.

Can I order a larger swaddle size for my newborn baby?

Under no circumstances. The ‘Big Baby’ size is not designed for newborns. If you dress a smaller baby in a larger size, the wrap will not be effective and you will gain no benefit; Your nights will still be sleepless.

In addition, a baby may become overwhelmed by a larger swaddle and get scared.

Can I return or replace the ordered Tulik swaddle?

We honor returns compliant with the law and Store Terms & Conditions. We recommend discussing the replacement of unopened goods with us via phone or e-mail.

Can I tumble dry the Tulik swaddle?

Tulik swaddles can be dried in a number of ways:

  • In a tumble dryer (free-standing)  – a gentle program for cotton,
  • Outdoor
  • On the radiator
  • and with a hair dryer in the case of small wet spots

Will the swaddle slow down or stop the development of my baby?

Quite the contrary. The Tulik swaddle, which imitates the mother’s womb, provides the baby with ideal conditions for rapid and harmonious development.

It supports sensory integration, ensuring contact with own body, limbs, and the feeling of a delicate and organic fabric.

It accelerates the development of muscles and the related skills: sitting down and lifting legs, because the fabric shrinks at rest, and when stretched, it has a similar effect to exercises in the gym or pool.

Can swaddling with Tulik cause hip dysplasia?

Quite the contrary. When babies are wrapped in traditional blankets, their legs are immobilized, keeping the joints in one position for a long time. This is really unhealthy!

Tulik provides the body movement comfort combined with swaddling. This means that it does not increase the risk of dysplasia, and significantly reduces it if blankets or tight cocoons have been used so far.

Can it be dangerous to swaddle or wrap a baby?

With traditional methods – yes. With Tulik – no.

Parents who do not know how to properly swaddle their baby are a certain risk factor – if they use tight blankets or wraps which are popular and have been used for years. Let’s be honest, these solutions are straight from the 16th century and should be placed at the museum. They cause breathing difficulties, hip dysplasia, worsen blood circulation and impair developmental activities in terms of the range of motion.

We thought about all of this when designing Tulik swaddles. The four-way stretch fabric means that these risks do not exist in the case of our product! In addition, the risk of overheating, which is a risk factor of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is significantly reduced.

Do Tulik products meet the safety rules?

Of course. We checked them both in hospital and home environments. We have a number of approvals as well as positive opinions and certificates. And also a constantly growing group of satisfied Customers – little and bigger ones ????

Is Tulik breathable? Does it provide ventilation?

Of course! This is one of our main principles: to provide the optimal temperature for your baby. The Tulik swaddle is made of 95% cotton which is as light as a t-shirt. For this reason, a layer of clothing under our swaddle may be useful on cooler evenings; on warmer days, a diaper is enough.

When the baby is swaddled, there is no need to use additional covers such as a blanket.

Why is Tulik so different from wraps, blankets and horns?

Tulik allows the baby to move freely while being perfectly swaddled. This, in turn, results in a great blood flow and improves the development of motor skills. What is the purpose of swaddling babies tightly if they do not need that? Especially that the goal of swaddling should be to limit arm movements and increase the sense of security. Tulik accomplishes both of these goals.

Babies sleep an average of 10-12 hours per day when they exit the newborn stage. If they were to be tightly wrapped for half a day while sleeping, it would certainly have a negative effect on their health – motor skills, blood circulation. There is also a danger of hip dysplasia! Anyway – imagine all the natural movements that would be missing.

In addition, Tulik is not a blanket which means that it will not cover the face, there is no risk of suffocation, and above all – the baby will not overheat. And that means one thing – greater security.

Until when can the baby be swaddled?

Each baby needs swaddling for a different amount of time. Usually, you can start swaddling them from the first minutes after birth and end it between six and nine months of age. The vast majority of babies require a swaddle until at least six months of age.

The moment to give up swaddling is when the baby is consciously rolling from back to tummy and from tummy to back. The baby has reached the next stage of development and should be given new opportunities to move and control its own body. The little one is now able to use own limbs knowingly.

Our experience shows that the most difficult thing is to get used to Tulik… for parents.

How to wean the baby from swaddling?

Weaning can be a challenge for both children and parents – for the first few nights. However, we have a proven method. Start by not swaddling your baby during naps. This will allow the little one to feel more free at the most pleasant time of the day. The night is harder because everyone is tired and expects a good night’s sleep.

You can dress your baby in the Tulik swaddle and lower the zipper by a few centimetres every day so that the toddler can learn newfound freedom and get used to the arm movements.

There is another proven way  – releasing one hand per one night and the second one during the next night, and so on.

I think that Tulik is too small! My baby can barely fit in it! Is this correct?

Tulik swaddles are specially made to look smaller than they really are. A special stretchy material, imitating the uterus, swaddles and gently presses the baby. As soon as your son or daughter is in Tulik, you will find that they have plenty of room to stretch their bones.

When is the best time to swaddle your baby?

Strategically speaking, it is best to start shortly after giving birth to minimize the shock of your baby’s transition from the familiar world  – aquatic – to our land environment.

And every day… it is best to dress your baby in Tulik when it is calm and relaxed. But a crying baby can be quickly calmed down in a swaddle as well.



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